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5 things should be improved on Xbox One in Xbox Series X

When Microsoft arrives on its new console, the Xbox Series X, it becomes very forthcoming. Apart from release date and that all-important price tag, we know practically everything we can expect at this stage, from the dimensions of the console itself, within powerful shifts – and yet Things are looking promising.
That being said, however, there are still some characteristics of which we are not aware. We haven’t seen the Xbox dashboard, and also we don’t know if the Xbox Series X will suffer from some same frustrations
So what does Microsoft need to change? Here are five things Xbox Series X should improve on Xbox One.

Install when using fast disk

Although many gamers are transitioning to buying physical copies and opting for digital downloads, a lot can be said about owning a disc of your favorite game. For one, it is good to collect things, and secondly, you can move some of your costs back to new purchases to repurchase.

It is a pain, then, that Xbox One is too slow to install games from the disc. Compared to the PS4, the situation is even worse, as Sony’s machine regularly installs the Xbox One with an additional time of minutes. In a world where waiting cannot be tolerated, Microsoft should do better with the Xbox Series X.

5 things should be improved on Xbox One in Xbox Series X
5 things should be improved on Xbox One in Xbox Series X

A more intuitive dashboard

The Xbox One’s dashboard currently has more comebacks than UFC’s serial-retriever Connor McGregor. From its basic metro design to the dashboard we have today, there is no doubt that Microsoft is working hard to correct it, but ultimately it is still confusing for most users.
Personally, I like the depth and nuance that the Xbox One dashboard has to offer, but I understand that this should be a really challenging proposition for new users, especially when looking at so many tiles, menus, and different apps. Be faced with. There’s no denying that the Xbox One dashboard has gotten better, though, but it’s still not enough.

A competitive launch price

Aside from a mixed messenger, the Xbox One was always going to struggle against Sony’s PS4 for one simple reason: it was too expensive. With the bundle of Kinect cameras, Sony was able to acquire the Xbox One in the UK at a price of less than £ 75.
For the Xbox Series X, it is important that the company does not turn out to be a luxury purchase compared to its closest competitor. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft is immersed in some of its huge cash reserves to price-match the PS5, even if it means taking a big loss. After all, Microsoft has already stated that it is focusing more on acquiring new Xbox Game Pass customers than selling consoles these days.

More Blockbuster Exclusive

Perhaps the biggest question mark yet on the Xbox Series X is that it will deliver the type of blockbuster experiences that PlayStation fans have liked on PS4. It is fair to say that most of the exclusions on Xbox have missed the mark, although it is certainly a refreshing amount of variety when it comes to Xbox One games.
Franchises such as Halo, Gears of War and Forza Motorsport have also lost some of their appeal, although the draw to play Halo Infinity at launch is still a strong bridge for many. Microsoft has built countless new studios over the past year or so, such as Ninja Theory, Double Fine and Obsidian, but we’ll have to see if those studios can deliver the kinds of rich, story-driven experiences that Sony has Huh.

More games are required to use FastStart

With Xbox Game Pass trying to learn everything about Xbox, Microsoft has to make it as accessible and engaging as possible. The Microsoft company introduced a new patented technology which is called Fast start last year, promising to get you into a game in half the time.
This technique uses crowd sour data to identify the parts of the game that you need the most, and then focus on downloading those parts first. This means that you are waiting less and playing more, which is exactly what we want to hear. Fast start currently supports 118 games as of writing, but the sooner it becomes the standard for all digital downloads on the Xbox Series X, the better.


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