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AI Tool to Convert Any Image or Video Into a Cartoon

Since the development of artificial intelligence (AI), we have seen technology in use in almost every sector of the market. Companies are using AI to its full potential in combination with existing technology, from military support to controlling a full ship. Now, two Indian developers have used technology to create a device that can transform any image or video into a cartoon.

Cartoonizer, developed by Tejas Mahajan and Neeraj Pandkar, is essentially an AI tool that can convert any video or image into a cartoon using an AI algorithm. The two Indian developers built the instrument using a research paper by researchers at the University of Tokyo, Shinrui Wang, and Jinjue Yu. They have also used the paper’s open-source official implementation, which the authors of Github have given due credit for their work.

To test the tool, Neeraj Pandkar, one of the developers of “Cartooner”, took some videos and turned them into an animated version of himself. One of the videos is a 4-minute scene from Marvel’s Avengers film, which you can watch below.

Now, if you want to convert your video using the tool, keep in mind that the length of the video should not exceed 10 seconds and the maximum size of the video should be 30 MB.

To test the image conversion capability of the tool, which only takes .JPG and .PNG files, I fed one of my photos to “Cartoozer”. After a few seconds of processing, the tool gave me an animated version of the picture and you can see the difference below.

AI Tool to Convert Any Image or Video Into a Cartoon
AI Tool to Convert Any Image or Video Into a Cartoon

Therefore, I am very happy to know that this device works fine, and as TNW reported in its report, “Cartoonizer” also works great on people of color.

According to the tool’s developers, the “cartomizer” is currently an early version of the AI ​​tool and can be used to “churn out quick prototypes” of games and animations. The tool can also be used to create minimalist art drawings and can help graphic designers and animators in their work.

You can try out the tool to animate yourself or your loved ones on its official website.

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