Apple Should Acquire DuckDuckGo As Own Search Engine:analyst argues

Google has been ruling the search engine landscape in the market for quite some time. However, concerned tech-heads, like us, prefer DuckDuckGo for its broad focus on privacy. Now, with a recent paper, an analyst concluded that Apple should acquire the search engine to pressure Google.

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Bernstein analyst, Tony Saconaghy, recently published a research report, in which he stated the suggestion for the Cupertino-based tech giant. The analyst estimates that Apple owes Google a large amount, which is 30% of Google’s advertising revenue for searches made on Apple devices. Therefore, in his view, Apple should take steps to develop its own search engine for iOS, iPad, and macOS.

Now, like Apple, DuckDuckGo is known for its privacy-focused features. Search engines do a very good job of keeping trackers away from users. This results in less targeted advertising and more peace of mind.

Therefore, according to Sacconaghi, because Apple does not have many options for what Google offers (not really), they should acquire their search engine. If they dig Google’s search engine, then Apple’s only other option would be to use Microsoft’s Bing.

Apple Should Acquire DuckDuckGo As Own Search Engine:analyst argues
Apple Should Acquire DuckDuckGo As Own Search Engine:analyst argues

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However, we suspect that the company is afraid of rocking the rock — which could compromise $ 15 billion in profits from iOS today — ultimately limiting its freedom of action with Apple. In contrast, Apple may be in a strong state at first glance, as it controls a state key that can monetize iOS search. However, it relies uncomfortably on Bing to act as a response to Google — so we suggest Apple acquire its own search engine. ”, The research report states.

Therefore, Sacconaghi suggests that Apple acquired DuckDuckGo, as both companies prioritize user privacy. He estimates that iPhone makers can acquire search engines for less than $ 1 billion. Furthermore, this would be a very good investment as Apple would not be dependent on Google or Microsoft.

What do you guys think of the analyst proposal? Do you think Apple will do this? Tell us in the comments.


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