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Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Announces & Features

Apple has closed its annual World Wide Developers Conference 2020. WWDC usually takes place in March every year, however, this time due to an outbreak of coronavirus, it was delayed, and virtually hosted. As we expected, the Cupertino-based technology has been announced and changes iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 software updates, among many others. The biggest announcement of the day, however, was still the transition of Mac laptops and desktops to Apple’s own silicon chips.

Here’s what Apple announced today in its first major season

Apple iOS 14

App library

This new feature will allow users to categorize their applications which are scattered on different pages of the home screen. You can choose how many pages you want to see on your home screen and then the remaining apps will be categorized as “Recently Added”, “Suggestions” and other folders.

Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Announces & Features
WWDC 2020 iOS 14


iOS 14 now comes with a widget that will also appear on the home screen. You can customize these widgets by tapping on the “Widget Gallery” option. The smart stack option will show you the relevant app based on the time of day.

Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Announces & Features
WWDC 2020 iOS 14

Translation application

The translation app will let Siri translate what you say into 11 languages ​​including English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and so on. You can also translate offline. According to the company, Siri already knows 20 times more facts. Now you can also ask to send an audio message to Siri.


Users will now be able to pin their messages to avoid being lost in conversations. You will be able to reply to a particular message and can also refer to people while chatting in groups. Face Masks and new options to choose different ages are also introduced in iOS 14.
IOS 14 also added different skin tones, different hairstyles, and three new memos such as hag, fist bump, and blush.

Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Announces & Features

Apple Maps

Apple has added a new feature called Guide that will help users find “great places” around them by showing them the latest recommendations by other users. Apple Maps will also add cycling directions that will allow users to view elevation data, stairs, traffic in bike lanes, paths, and roads.

Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Announces & Features

Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay on iOS 14 will now allow you to change the wallpaper on the in-car device. Now you can unlock your car  With the help of Apple CarPlay,  You can place your iPhone on the charging pad and enable the car’s start button. Users can also share their keys through iMessage. Apple has announced that the BMW 5 Series 2021 will be Become the first car to support Apple CarPlay.

App Store

Apple has announced the app clip, which is basically like downloading only a part of the app when you need it, your initial login and credit card details are filled in via Apple login and Apple Pay. This app becomes less than 10 MB in size low memory.

Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14 Announces & Features

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