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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5

The trailer of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 5 announcement dropped a few days ago. This is where we were introduced to the ‘Shadow Company’. We don’t know much more about the change in the map until the second trailer is dropped. Now, it reveals a modern war and major changes in the Warzone. Take a look at it to get an idea of what your path is.

Crazy, isn’t it? This is what we thought. Also, a big shout out to all the leaders who provide us with authentic leaks. Seems a lot of them came true.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone changes

The trailer begins with the Shadow Company flying off the roof of the stadium in Verdusk, Warzone. Since the news of nuclear activity at the stadium, it has been teased a lot. The official Call of Duty account asked fans a few days ago to suggest a name for the stadium.

The stadium is now fully accessible and will prove to be a new hot drop location.

That is not all. The looted train finally makes its much-awaited debut in the game. It will move through the newly added train tunnels, on the map, and facilitate new combat positions. More information will be revealed soon.

The trailer also gave us a glimpse of a scramble finishing move that could come in the game where you can kill and kill the enemy using your pet eagle? Can be interesting.

Another interesting spot pointed to possible 5-man squads coming into the game.

Not sure how we feel about this, given that communicating with 4 Man-Squad already makes it very difficult. Nevertheless, it is highly speculative and only time will tell if it is true.

If you also see, the weapon that Roz has in his hand while climbing the roof in the stadium is none other than APC 9. It was rumored to be on its way to the game some time ago and can be confirmed.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5

New Multiplayer maps

Modern Warfare also brings new multiplayer maps in different game modes. In 6v6 multiplayer mode, dal sulcal harbor comes while ground war mode now has 6-word duck intl. Airport ‘is a’ livestock ‘map in gunfight mode as a map. And Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, a fan-favorite campaign map from Oil Petrov Oil Rig ‘coming to 6v6 mode.

At the end of the trailer, Ortega states that ‘WordScan will never be the same. Well, we sure hope so. Rumors of big changes arose for the game and it seemed that we had finally found them. There is still no official word on the title Call of Duty 2020. Hopefully, we’ll get an in-game reveal soon enough.

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