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Chrome Brings QR Code Sharing on Android & Desktop

Google Chrome has been working on the web page sharing via QR code for some time. Google Chrome has been working on web page sharing via QR code for some time. However, the feature is finally coming to the stable channel of the browser with Chrome 84. First seen by Android Police, the feature is available on both the Chrome desktop for Android and Chrome.

To start using the feature, you must first manually enable a couple of Chrome flags. These are different on both Android and desktop, so I have to include the flags you have to enable below.

On Android, you must enable the following two flags to enable the feature:

  • chrome: // flags / # splitting hub
  • chrome: // flags / # share qr code

When you have enabled these, just relaunch Chrome. Then, you can tap to share only one page, and tap on the ‘QR Code’ as the sharing mode. Chrome will then show you a QR code, which can be scanned to head to the URL you have shared. QR codes can also be downloaded, so you can send it to their peers through the slack or email.

On the desktop, you only have to enable one flag (at least on Mac):

  • chrome: // flags / # splitting-qr-code-generator

However, you have to right-click on the page you want to share and for this page, select ‘Create Q R Code’ to display the Q R Code. Android police state that the Q R code option also appears in the URL bar on the right side of the bar. This option only appears when you click on the address bar in Chrome, at least that’s how it looks for me.

Out of curiosity, I tried the same on iOS. While Chrome for iOS has a flag that appears to enable this functionality, it does not yet work. You get the option to share via the QR code in the share sheet, but tapping on it does nothing. Hopefully, it will also be available soon.

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