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CV Full Form: All You Need to Know About CV

CV When we apply for a job, we have a paper in our hands. Many people call this paper a Resume, many people CV, and many people also say Bio-data. Now many of us do not know what the difference between these three is. And many people consider these three to be the same.


First, we will talk about Biodata; Biodata means Biography data. You use Biodata when you have to send a relationship proposal for marriage. Such a thing comes in Biodata that where I belong, my religion/gotra, what my father does, what I do, etc.

If you are applying for a job, then don’t send Biodata by mistake because those people are interested in your skills and not in you.

Whenever we apply for a job, those people are more interested in our skills than our Biodata; they want to know whether we are eligible for this job or not. For interviews, companies ask for a Resume or CV from you. Now understand what the difference between a resume and a CV is.


Resume means summary. And the resume is unique. In this, the summary is written very short, only those related to the job, so the resume is of only 1 page, maximum 2 pages but above that there is no resume.

Let us give an example: If you are applying for a mathematics teacher, you write only about your teaching experience. It is not to be written in it that you are also a yoga teacher. You will register only and only information related to the job. That’s why the resume is small.

CV – Curriculum vitae

CV Full Form is Curriculum Vitae. In this, we write in detail about our education, awards, college name, results, and whatever you have achieved in your life. In CV, we write about our life but not everything like bio-data, in CV we write essential things related to job and ourselves. So CV can be 3-4 pages long (or longer than 3-4 pages).

The Companies do not have enough time to know your complete information in detail, nor do they mean more than your details. Companies only care about your skills. Both Resume and CV applications help companies select employees, with the help of which the company gets to know which people to call for an interview. Many companies ask for CVs and many Resume.

CV Full Form: All You Need to Know About CV

BioData vs Resume vs CV

Biodata – Complete biography of the whole life.

Resume – Information related to skills and information about goals.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) – General information about yourself.

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