Files by Google starts rolling out a Safe Folder to hide private files

Many phone manufacturers ship their phones with a set of their own apps, one of which is the files manager app. If you don’t like it, you can grab one of the points available on the Play Store. You can also take your files from Google by Google which were originally created for Android Go devices, but are now available to everyone. If you already have it, it would be of interest to you to know that the app is getting a new feature called Secure Folder.

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A safe folder, as the name suggests, is a place for users to keep their personal files. This is similar to the lockbox available on the File Manager app of OnePlus.

Files by Google starts rolling out a Safe Folder to hide private files
Safe Folder

To set it, you will be asked to create a pin. If you forget the four-digit PIN, you cannot recover the files there. If you also lose or replace your device, you cannot access or transfer files because they are not backed up to the cloud.

The new feature version of the app by Android Police is available at 1.0.323 and you’ll find it under the archive. This Tech website also says that clearing the data app or means to uninstall the app you lose all the files in the folder.

In (un) related news, we are curious to know what will happen to the file-sharing feature available in the file by Google, given that the part of the pass is now official? Will future updates remove the feature or will it be left alone?

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