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Google Introduces ‘People Cards’ in India; Here’s How To Create One For Yourself

A Google search already shows you information People Cards for celebrities, Internet-famous celebrities, and other physical things. You don’t see cards for your best friends or YouTube creators that you like to follow. Google today wants to change this with the introduction of ‘People Card’ in India. This will give people looking to build an online presence to highlight their existence in Google search.

Talking about People Cards, Google said in its official blog post – “It’s like a virtual visiting card where you can highlight your existing website or social profile that you want people to see, As well as other information about yourself that you want others to know. ” The card will display your name, location, profession and social media link.

It is said that the company has been testing this feature for the last few years. It was initially seen in action by people at XDA earlier this year. Since we are depositing our card, Google has taken some security measures to prevent its misuse. You can only create one ‘people card’ per Google account and will need to authenticate through your phone number.

So, if you are someone who wants people to see ‘cards’ when they search about them on Google, then follow the steps below to create a people card for yourself:

How to create a People Card for Google Search

  1. In the Google search bar on your Android phone, type ‘to add me’ to see a search result that says – ‘Add yourself to Google Search’ Clicking the ‘Get Started’ button in this search result Do it
  2. You will be taken to the ‘Create your public card’ page, where you will be required to enter all your details including your location, job description, website link, social media link, and more.
Google Introduces ‘People Cards’ in India; Here’s How To Create One For Yourself

Note: This process is for the creation of individual people cards and businesses need to follow a different process to see their cards in the search results.

  1. Once you have entered all the details, click on the ‘Preview’ button below to see how your appearing People Card will appear in the search results. If you are satisfied with the details, just hit ‘Save’ and your information will start appearing in Google search within a few hours.

Google has completed the process of creating a ‘People Card’ in an easy GIF, which I have attached below. You can see a quick recap of the steps included here. This is a super easy process in which you need to fill in the details, preview the card, fix any problems, and go live in the search results.

Google Introduces ‘People Cards’ in India; Here’s How To Create One For Yourself

According to the official blog post, in addition to phone number verification, the search giant has several mechanisms to protect against abusive or spammy content. You can also report low-quality information or cards that you believe were made by an impersonator, you can tap on the feedback link to let us know.

Finally, if you ever decide to prevent your people’s card from appearing in search results, it is possible to remove it anytime. As you see above, I had already tried to make my own People Card. Now, why don’t you pursue it? It will be interesting to see how influential or socially active users will use it to their advantage.

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