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Google launch new app help maintain social distance

Google is doing its best to help people maintain their social distance. The tech giant has launched a new app that will help people maintain distance inusing augmented reality. The app has been developed under experimentation with Google and is not available on the Google Play Store but can be loaded separately.

The app, named ‘Sauder’, will create a visual range using the user’s smartphone camera and continuously show who is breaking that distance.

The company claims that Sother uses “WebXR” to help envision social distance guidelines in your environment. Using Sother on supported mobile devices, create an augmented reality two meter radius ring around you. ”

Perimeter It would be assumed that in the user’s real environment it is assumed that the smartphone and the user are in one place. The circle rotates with the user. This AR technique is similar to games like Pokémon Go. Once another person breaks the circle, the screen will visually warn the user.

app can be used on Chrome browser and Android smartphones. If you want to use the app, use this link on the phone or scan the QR code from your smartphone on the PC.

Google also created a contact tracing API in partnership with Apple and made it available to health agencies across countries.

This API can be used to send cautious notifications to users who may have a potentially contracted Kovid-19 or may be in proximity to someone who has a positive coronavirus virus case.

To make the app more secure and maintain users’ privacy, Apple and Google banned the use of location tracking on apps that plan to use their contact tracing interface.

many governments are using their own interfaces with location tracking to find hotspots within their country

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