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Google-made Android TV dongle & new UI leak in render

Earlier last month, we reported plans for Google new Chromecast Ultra based exclusively on Android TVs. Subsequent reports described a content-centric revamp of the operating system, today featuring the next Chromecast, its remote and “Google TV’s” new look.

Marketing materials acquired by XDA today show a pebble-shaped puck that is slightly longer than the current Chromecast. A Google logo ‘G’ is show with three colors (black, white and pink / sand).

As we said earlier, we see a “remote control” that is similar to a daydream scene. The top has a circular D-pad, while the bottom has six circular buttons. From today’s leaks, we see One Back, Assistant, Home, Star / Favorite, Play / Pause and Volume Mute.

Next up is the leak of the content-focused Android TV Revamp, which we hear can be rebranded to Google TV when it is Chromecast.

The home screen begins with a top bar where the search is the top-left corner. Then for you, movies, TV, live what’s new here, apps, and more about My Library. This is similar to the current layout of the Play Store on Android TV.

Image source/9togoogle

Front and center is a cover image advertising Game of Thrones from HBO Now and other shows, while “Play Next” below is Carell. Another is the ability to “manage your home on the left” with a “noise detection” notification, which appears in the bottom-left.


full marketing video reveals other tampoles such as “optimized for voice control” and “now the best smart display on the big screen” in addition to the remote, providing inspiration for design and smart home functionality.

These graphics are generated from a video which are play during the set-up process, while the firmware acquired by XDA also suggests an Amlogic chip that supports Dolby Vision audio.

Codeine’s name is “Sabrina”, the device’s retail name has not yet leaked, thought Nest branding was suggested by protocol last month.

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