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Google Play Store Bans Baidu Subsidiary For Ad Fraud, Abuse of Permissions

News Date April 29, 2019 Google Play Store is banned Chinese app developers named after DO Global large-scale advertising fraud and report privacy breach. The company, which is partly owned by Internet major Baidu, is said to have 100 apps on the Play Store with about 600 million installs.

Buzzfeed News reported on Friday that the developer’s 46 apps had already been removed from the Play Store and that Google intended to ban DO Global with more app removal.

The report states, “We actively investigate malicious behavior, and we take action when we find violations, including deleting the developer’s ability to monetize the app with AdMob or publish it on Play Including “the report, a Google spokesman said on Friday.

Since then DO Global is believed to have issued a statement to Buzzfeed News, which acknowledges and apologizes for the “irregularities” in its apps, and says it accepts Google’s decision.

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