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Huawei to make its own electric vehicles

Even if you do not make cars, but for other electric car makers, companies make components. According to the report, Huawei may launch the car this year.

Chinese smartphone maker company Xiaomi announced a month ago that it is going to set foot in the electric vehicle segment soon. In such a situation, Huawei has also revealed the plans for its electric vehicles. The tech company has announced that it too will soon launch an electric vehicle under its brand. Some of the company’s vehicles can be launched this year.

According to a Reuters report, Huawei is in talks with several different automakers so that the company can flow its car under its brand at their plant. One of these automakers is named Changan Automobile. It is a Chinese authorized automobile company with its headquarters in Chongqing China.

Please tell that the spokesman for Huawei has overcome this matter and has not given any statement on it at the moment. He has said that Huawei is not a car-making company. The spokesman said that, even if we do not make cars, we can prepare components for other electric car makers. In such a situation, there is also an indication of this thing that the company can soon launch its electric car in the market.

Huawei to make its own electric vehicles
electric vehicles

What is EVA’s EV plan?

If Huawei thinks about making EVs, the company’s portfolio will be stronger. Because in the US, due to Donald Trump, the company has already gone through many restrictions, which has also caused a lot of damage. In such a situation, the company can use EV to generate revenue.

Please tell that recently, Huawei has registered a total of 4 EV patents in its name. It has checking battery health and charging between electric vehicles. Reuters says that Huwaway wants to make an identity among more and more people with the help of his EV. It is not only Huawei that is going to enter the electric market, but Xiaomi, Baidu, Foxconn have also announced the construction of electric vehicles.

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