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Instagram now includes Messenger Rooms integration

Last month, instagram Facebook launched Messenger Room – a new video calling feature aimed at helping users across Facebook’s platforms and talk to each other. Since then, the company has been integrating the feature with its social media platform at an impressive pace. After bringing Messenger Room Integration to WhatsApp Beta, the company is now also bringing Messenger Room Integration to Instagram.

The image-sharing platform now allows users to create messenger rooms via the Instagram Direct Page in the app. With this, more than 50 people can do video chat groups, even if they do not have Facebook accounts. The facility is very easy to use, here is what you have to do.

Go to the Instagram Direct page within the application. Tap on the video chat icon. Here, you will see the new ‘Create a Room’ option at the top.

Tapping on it will prompt you to sign in to Instagram using your Facebook account and then you can create your messenger room. You can send an invitation link to your friends and family, and anyone with the link can join, regardless of whether they have a Facebook account.

This feature is already on and you should have it inside the Insta app. If not, make sure that you have updated the application to the latest version available.



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