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iPhone 11 Users Reporting Random Green Tint Issues

Some iPhone 11 users have recently been reporting a strange performance issue with iPhones. According to reports shared on Reddit, some iPhone 11 units are developing a strange green tint on the display. Apparently, the problem occurs randomly and no one says anything when it may strike. However, luckily, it also appears to be a software bug.

iPhone 11
iPhone 11

While reports about the problem are inconsistent, it appears that the problem occurs when the iPhone 11 is unlocked if Dark Mode and Night Shift are on. In some cases, the problem only pops up even when the iPhone is unlocked.

At first, I feared that it was a hardware issue — but then my mother’s phone started showing the tint. It’s just one more bug in iOS 13.5. They’ll prolly fix it in 13.5.2 (or, well, iOS 14 beta).

Obviously, this is very disturbing. However, a group of users are claiming that the problem appeared after the update to iOS 13.5. This is good news because it can mean that the problem is a software-related glitch and not a hardware failure. Fixing a software problem is easily possible with a patch, so Apple can already work on a solution. Also, another silver lining here is the fact that the issue disappears on its own after a while.

Apple is currently testing iOS 13.5.5 beta, and can also fix it for the issue that comes with it. The company has not yet made any statement regarding this problem, but if it changes we will update this article.

So, are you facing any green tint issues with your iPhone 11? Tell us in the comments.


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