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LG latest budget Cinebeam projector for everyone

LG is working on expanding his CineBeam lineup series of home cinema projector with the new LG PH30N series which will launch on June 10 for just $399 (about £ 300, AU $ 600).

The LG PH30N connects to the rest of the Cinebeam lineup including the excellent LG HU70, HU80, and HU85 – but differs from them all in one key area: resolution.

While other companies Cinebeam projectors offer 4K at a resolution of 3840 x 2160, the PH30N will only offer 1280 x 720 HD resolution up to 100 inches with a lower peak brightness of 250 lumens.

LG Company said, the LG HU80 and LG HU85 are pricing at £ 2,000 (about $ 2,400 / AU $ 3,600) and $6,000 (about £4,860, AU $8,750), collectively, you can buy the new LG Project 4K, cheaper model. Saving a burden of cash.

The other positive aspect of the LG PH30N is that, while it may not conflict with its 4K brethren in terms of resolution or brightness, it can operate on battery power for about two hours before needing to be recharged And, at 1.1 pounds, it can be carried quite easily.

LG latest budget Cinebeam projector for everyone

A budget projector for everyone

The latest LG Cinebeam projector is all about affordability and a product that fits every type of customer – some accessories for hardcore cinephiles and others for home entertainment enthusiasts getting their feet wet with first-time projection equipment is.

The LG PH30N is definitely the latter compared to the former.

We have to test the projector in our own homes before making any kind of conclusions about its performance, but for those looking for a cheap, portable projector for outdoor movie nights, it works very well Can.


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