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How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide

Traveling in Minecraft is not an easy task in any meaning. Traveling through water makes things more complicated. If you have to face the same dilemma, then it is where our guide will be accessible on ways to make a boat in Minecraft. For beginners, they are the easiest and most reliable method of traveling in-game. Later, to take it a notch, you can install the mode in Minecraft and upgrade your boat to the ship. You can follow this tutorial to follow evenly for Java and bedrock versions. You can use the boat to find fishing, crafts, or search the areas in this loving sandbox game. But before you start plans, let’s see how to make a boat in Minecraft.

How to create a boat in Minecraft Guide (2021)

Like everything else in Minecraft, a boat starts with collecting the suitable material. The best part is finding all the necessary ingredients to spawn in almost any default world. Practically, you only need wood that Minecraft provides generosity. But you can not use it, so what to do instead:

The material you need to make a boat in Minecraft

As we have told above, we will need the first wooden block. Then you can change wooden blocks into wooden frames, and finally, create a boat in our Minecraft world. Do not forget; you will also need a crafting table to make it. With it, follow the step-by-step process below:

Step 1: First of all, get two wooden blocks by punching a tree until it breaks. Generally, it has been entrusted to the left click or action button in your game. Without any device’s wooden block will not take more than 8 seconds. Later, once you receive an ax, you can do it quickly. You can go closer to the falling block to collect it.

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide

Step 2: Now, by pressing “E” or your inventory button, you can see the wooden block you have just collected. Now, in the inventory box, keep the wooden block in the crafting area. You can click on the wooden block and click on the blank block anywhere in the crafting area. Doing this will take the wooden block in the crafting area, and you will get 4 wooden frames. Repeat this step twice to get 8 wooden frames.

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide

Step 3: We will need 5 wooden pieces to make our boat. But as you may have seen, your list only gives you ready with 4 blocks. What you need now is a crafting table. You can find out how to create a crafting table through our linked articles. However, a quick recipe will look like this:

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide

Now, make sure you have a Crafting Table and at least 5 wood planks in your inventory. You can always go back to punching trees if you are out of wood blocks or planks.

How to make a boat in Minecraft

Please note that you can use any tree to make your wooden frames. Species of trees do not affect the quality of your compositions. With it, let’s start with the creation of our boat.

  • Start by putting crafting tables on the ground. To do this, make sure it has been selected in your inventory slot. Then, right-click or use your action button to see the land. When your crafting table is set, you will see a thick white range around your icon in your list.
How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide
  • Once the crafting table is placed, right-clicking or using the action button will allow you to operate it. You will see a big 3 x3 crafting area to work here, and now you can create your boat.
How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide
  • Finally, you need to keep the wooden frames in a U-shaped position. You can select the frames by right-clicking them, right-click the blank block in the crafting area, and save them individually. The result will appear something like screenshots below. And Well! Your new prepared boat will appear on the right side of the crafting area. Now you can select the boat and move it to an empty list slot.
How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide

How to use a boat to travel in Minecraft

Congratulations, you have your boat ready, and your Minecraft can set up campaigns in the world. When you know how to make a boat in Minecraft, it’s time to learn how to use it.

  • Like a crafting table, select the boat from your list and keep it by right-clicking or using the Action key. However, you need to ensure that you keep the boat in the water. There are great places to test rivers and ocean boats.
How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide
  • The color of your boat will change based on the wood you use. After placing the boat in the water stream, you can enter it by right-clicking or using the Action key on your PC.
How to Make a Boat in Minecraft Guide

To queue the boat, you can use the same key to be used to move your character. Apart from this, you can bring any livestock following you in your boat by using food or leadership. Minecraft is highly likely in boats because you can break them back and collect them back. Be sure to explore.

Make your boat in Minecraft to explore the world.

So yes, it’s too much! You know that you need all the elements and recipes too. So you have everything to understand how to build a boat in Minecraft. If you are looking for more ideas and dishes, these Minecraft may be an excellent place to start the Discord server. When you are getting in Minecraft, install Optifine to improve performance and give your game an FPS boost, a good idea. Now, proceed and start searching for huge Minecraft water with your new boat.

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