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Mission Organ Transplant Kidney Transported by Drone

A drone just moved a human kidney across the Nevada desert to prove it could be the future of organ transport — take a look

Drone test flights in Nevada just showed that they could safely transport organs for transplant.

Mission, a transportation logistics company, partnered with the Nevada Donor Network in a test to fly corneas and kidneys across the desert. The mission says the drone delivery can be more efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of the donations.
This comes at a moment where several major corporations are implementing drones for delivery. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just granted Amazon permission to begin Prime drone deliveries, while Walmart is experimenting with delivering groceries and COVID-19 tests by drone.

Mission Organ Transplant Kidney Transported by Drone

Drones have gotten some extra use as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, too. A healthcare company in North Carolina used drones to drop PPE for medical professionals, and UPS teamed up with CVS to deliver some prescriptions in Florida.

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