Now transfer Facebook posts, notes to Google Document, Blogger and WordPress

Facebook's photo and video transfer tool is based on development code through an open source data transfer project. Users can use this tool by going to Facebook settings.

Facebook has recently introduced two new data portability types that will help users transfer their posts and notes directly to Google Documents, Blogger and The social network has enabled people in the past year to transfer their photos and videos to BackBlaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr.

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Steve Sterfield, director of privacy and public policy, said, “People can now transfer to our partners’ service to reflect the data types limit, we are renaming the tool to ‘Transfer your information’.” He said in a blog post, “We have designed this tool keeping in mind the privacy, security and need. We will ask you to re-enter your password and encrypt your data before the transfer starts, as it is necessary between this service, so you can rest assured that your data will be transferred securely. ”

Now transfer Facebook posts, notes to Google Document, Blogger and WordPress

How to transfer Facebook data

Users can go to Facebook Settings and use the tool “Your Facebook Information” and click on “Transfer your information”. The company said that it plans to expand its data types and partners in the future. The company said, “However, the ecosystem we are building supports data portability, in such a way that the feel will not come without regulation.” It clarifies what data should be made portable and who is responsible for securing the data once it is transferred. ”

Explain that Facebook’s photo and video transfer tool is based on the development code through the open source data transfer project. You may remember that in 2018, a new open-source, service-to-service data portability platform called Data Transfer Project was announced to allow people to transfer their data between online service providers. was. Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are currently working for this project.

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