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OnePlus Buds Will Boast a 30 Hour Battery Life

In his first truly after confirming plans to launch wireless buds, OnePlus today launched some major specifications of OnePlus bands. The teaser focuses primarily on the design, battery life, and weight of the TWS earbuds. In addition, OnePlus has also expanded on those topics in a blog post.

The big talking point here is the battery life of OnePlus Buds. The company has revealed that OnePlus Buds will claim 30 hours of total battery life. You get more than seven hours on a single charge and the charging case entitles you to hit the 30-hour mark. In that perspective, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds + offers up to 22 hours with a charging case.

Meanwhile, the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau has revealed the weight of the buds. While the weight of the charging case will be 36 grams, buds weight of 4.6 grams.

Lau has mentioned that OnePlus earBuds will have deeper integration with OnePlus phones for better reliability, calling it “cumbersome” user experience. According to him, the OnePlus Buds will support the ultra-low latency mode when the OnePlus phone is on gaming mode.

In terms of design, OnePlus has adopted a half-ear design, which has seen Ancho Free earbuds the Oppo. “We carefully refined the shape several times to ensure that they are securely seated in most people’s ears, so you can stay on the move without worrying about them coming loose,” Lau wrote.

OnePlus will announce OnePlus Buds on 21 July. The launch will coincide with the much-anticipated midrange of the OnePlus Nord. Value Stay tuned for more updates in terms of pricing and availability.

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