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OnePlus TV 2020 Set To Launch Event at 7 Pm & Features

OnePlus is set to unveil its affordable range of smart TVs in India today. The unveiling will take place at an online-only event, which will live stream on the company’s social media channels and official portals. The OnePlus TV 2020 series will include three models of different screen sizes. The price of OnePlus TV is expected to start at less than Rs 15,000.

Oneplus TV 2020 Event Livestream

The OnePlus TVs 2020 Series event will Livestream on the company’s Twitter profile and YouTube channel from 7 pm.

Specifications Expected From OnePlus TV 2020

The OnePlus TVs 2020 Series is expected to cover the entry-level and mid-range segments with at least three different screen sizes – 32-inch, 43-inch, and 55-inch televisions. It is likely that all three models will have a different set of specifications and characteristics. However, at least one smart TV will have the company’s cumbersome design with a bezel-less profile and thinner frame.

OnePlus TV 2020 set to launch at 7 pm & Features

The company is also using building materials such as carbon fiber and a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio.

OnePlus TV 2020 Expected Features

OnePlus TVs 2020 series is expected to get some premium features of OnePlus QLED TVs. Television is claimed to display smoothly at the time of possible inclusion of motion approximate motion compensation (MEMC) interpolation technology. OnePlus Smart TV will Dolby Vision for Dolby Atmos for audio and HDR 10 standards for video.

OnePlus TV 2020 Expected Price

The price of the OnePlus TVs 2020 series is kept much lower than last year’s QLED series. While its exact price will not be revealed at the same time as the television launch today, OnePlus has released Rs1x, 999, Rs2X, 999, and Rs4X, 999 for its upcoming smart TVs.

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