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How to Pay via WhatsApp Payment in India – WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp recently rolled out it’s top feature WhatsApp Payment in India on Friday. And they got the approval for UPI payment from NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). WhatsApp has to wait approximately two years to get the UPI approval.

As we all know that this US tech giant is now ready to get millions of users for UPI payment. Because it’s already have 400 millions users currently. This payment service is now starting with the user base of 20 million. The company has also replied to an email that they will make good relations with NPCI to enhance the feature of WhatsApp payment in India. So that we can reach up to everyone.

The Facebook owned WhatsApp has started it’s UPI based payment system testing in the year of 2018. And there will more competition in the market with GPayPaytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay etc.

How to Pay via WhatsApp Payment in India – WhatsApp Feature
Whatsapp Payment Upi

WhatsApp said in a blog that the people of India can now start doing payment from WhatsApp pay from starting. This will be another experience of sending money just like sending a message on WhatsApp.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a video post that there will be more opportunity to grow the small and medium businesses. And it will become the boost and backbone of Indian economy. He also said that I am really happy announcing that WhatsApp Payment in India has been approved. Now you can send money as simple as a message to your friends and family. And also it will free of cost with the support of 140 banks. Due to privacy concern everyone knows about WhatsApp security and privacy so It will be secure too.

The company also explained that to make payment via WhatsApp in India. User must have a bank account with debit card. All the transaction will be based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Also company has collaborated with five leading banks in India which are SBI (State Bank of India), ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and Jio Payments Bank. To secure the payment, on every payment there will be need of a personal UPI pin for transaction.

The WhatsApp payment will be available on the latest Version of iOS, Android apps.

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