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Pubg mobile added jungle adventure in sanhok

After a long wait, PUBG Mobile has finally added the new Jungle adventure mode in the Sanhok map. New mode brings some exciting changes to how players play in sanhok.

This mode is only available in classic matches, and only in the Sanhok map, which assumes the game has the most jungle-like map. Since the mode is randomly activated, players may or may not fall into the jungle adventure mode. The mode brings a pair of new things to the game:


All these are spread across the map and can provide you with different types of blessings. When you go to a totem, you will be blessed with a call. This begins a small prayer that your character performs in front of the deity. Once this happens, the totem blesses you. It can be something that increases your health, heals your armor, or grants you scopes and other items.


Sometimes the totem will give you obstacles. These are throwers that become a barrier when they are thrown to the ground. This can prove to be incredibly useful in situations where there is no cover for you and you need to take a step.

Forest food

You also find wild (usually near totem), jungle food in jungle adventure mode game. You can choose and eat these to get different effects. Some of these are good, such as the one that shows you the air drop locations on the map, but some times it will make you dizzy. It is more or less a gamble.

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloons are marked on the mini map, so be prepared for some gunmen in these areas. You can use the ‘Around Look Around’ feature to find the totem in the surrounding area. But you can’t move hot air balloon any direction you can move only up and down

Jungle Adventure Mode currently resides in Sanhok.


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