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Pubg mobile new leak – season 14 royalpass

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is now live for players and the new season for the game is based on the Toy Power Ranger theme. In addition, this update has a major overhaul to the Miramar map and now features gold mirado,sandstorms. Season 13 also includes new skins, royal passes and awards for players.

The new season has added Carton Power Rangers to the game in a toy-themed Battle Pass. After reaching royal pass 50 level, players can obtain either Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger. and also get a pistol skin. Ultra Defender is also available for players at the 100 level.

Players are still exploring new elements and features of Season 13. But leaks about PUBG Mobile Season 14 have already started online. A YouTuber and PUBG player, the ultimate shooter YT.

By the way, it is too early to say about PUBG Mobile seasons 14, but the above data minor and YouTube player have leaked details about it. He has revealed upcoming skins for weapons and tier awards for several levels.

According to their leaks, players will get a new skin for the S12K weapon. Also, for season 14 the result will be an amot added with Emote’s name. Desert Fossil Skin is coming for AKM in season 14.

Kukulkan Fury skin is coming for Kar98K and it looks really amazing. EMP – UMP 45 is getting a new skin in the upcoming season and its crate is likely to have a dinosaur theme. The next season the PP-19 Bizon will be given a blazing skin.

The Mithun Scar-El skin is coming under the Tier Awards, which has a gold color on the body of the weapon. Talking about another tiered reward, Mr. Fox for M762 weapon. AWM will get purple magnolia skin, and VSS will get feral scavenger skin.

Ancestral tears skin is coming to QBU, while Vector will get Trib’s blessed skin. The M164 will have a golden inscription skin. The Cardier King set and the Jungle Hunter set will also be seen under the Tier Rewards.

Up ahead is Mr. Fox’s skin which is probably associated with any Fox event for the game. The puppy love set and the Fortune Taylor event will become part of Season 14, according to the leak. You can watch the full video for the leaks below, courtesy of the final shooter YT. Okay, but we should just take these leaks with a grain of salt and wait for the official news to arrive.


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