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PUBG Mobile Updates Privacy Policy in India

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, then you are probably worried that the Indian government may actually ban the game soon. In fact, ever since the government banned 59 Chinese apps, it was much known that PUBG would soon be on the radar as well; And now it is

Though no decision has yet been taken on whether PUBG Mobile will be banned in the country, it seems that Tencent is not in a mood to risk it. The company has updated its privacy policy for India and is showing pop-up notifications within the game to inform users of the change.

From what we can tell, the new privacy policy tries to align itself with the demands of foreign apps of the Indian government to a large extent. The policy states that it stores some user data for several reasons, for Indian users, those servers are in India only. The privacy policy also underlines that the company’s support team, which also has user data, exists locally in India for Indian users.

PUBG Mobile Updates Privacy Policy in India
PUBG Mobile Updates Privacy Policy in India

We do not know whether these changes can make PUBG Mobile out of the government’s sights for now. However, India is considering another 200 apps and PUBG Mobile is one of them. We will know about it only when Tencent Games or the Government of India wants to say something about it. So far, if you like to play with PUBG Mobile, then just hope for the best, and do as many games as you can.

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