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Realme ear buds in India launch on May 25

The price of Realme Buds Air Neo in India may come out ahead of time. A report now claims Flipkart to receive a list of upcoming truly wireless earbuds, which are not publicly available. The listing has the price tag of Realme Buds Air Neo with availability details. Realme plans to launch the upcoming TWS earbuds along with Realme TV and Realm Watch in India on Monday, 25 May.

Price and availability of Realme Buds Air Neo

According to MySmartPrice, Realme Buds Air Neo will be priced at Rs 2,999, which is available from the promotional material they get on Flipkart’s website. The upcoming earbuds will be available to purchase through Flipkart, realme.com, and physical stores across India. Since the distribution of non-essential items is now permitted in red areas as well, Realme Buds Air Neo earbuds are likely to be distributed to all major locations, except in the containment areas only.

However, Realme has not yet said anything official about pricing, which is why readers should take this information with a pinch of salt

Although the company has shared only this much information about the Realme Buds Air Neo, the tippers are speculating about what they can pack. The earbuds coming from Realme will borrow the design of its predecessor and come in three colors. According to the report, Realme Buds Air Neo will be available in red, white and green colors. The Realme Buds Air, however, comes in white, black and yellow colors.

Apart from this, the pricing of the earbuds at Rs 2,999 suggests that they will be lower than the Realme Buds Air, which costs Rs 3,999 in India. However, it is unclear whether feature-wise will be removed. They are unlikely to support wireless charging and would rather go for wired charging via a USB-C port. In any case, Realme will announce official details including pricing and availability of Realme Burds Air Neo on May 25, where Realme TV and Realme Watch will also see the light of day.


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