Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) flagship to skip under-display camera technology

Samsung is one of the leading brands working on many different technologies to provide a full-screen experience for customers(Galaxy S21). South Korean giants have actually been quite vocal about offering full-screen smartphones.

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Currently, many companies are working on under-display camera technology, which is the only thing missing to enable a full-screen experience on smartphones. It is believed that the company is actively working on the development process of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) flagship to skip under-display camera technology
Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) flagship to skip under-display camera technology

There were reports that Samsung may adopt this technology for this year’s premium flagship offerings – the Galaxy S20 lineup and the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 lineup. However, as confirmed, this is not the case.

Not only that, sure, but also that the company is safe for this new technology (through the Ross Young) flagship smartphones to the next generation by skipping to adopt Galaxy S-series. We can’t blame Samsung for the fact that low-display camera technology is not yet ready for commercial use, that too with the desired camera output from a premium flagship-grade device.

In addition to output, there is also a cost factor. Integrating such new experimental technology requires much higher capital expenditures due to the increased value of material from vendors and lower yield in mass production.

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The flagship of the next generation Galaxy S-series, which can be named the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, is currently off the launch. It is likely to be launched in February next year, so we will definitely bring some exciting new features to the device in the coming months if it is not in-display camera technology.

Meanwhile, Samsung is set to launch its Galaxy Note 20 series smartphone at its Galaxy Unpacked event in a few hours, along with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Buds Live TWS earphones.

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