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Samsung Launches the Galaxy Buds Live with ANC

Along with the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung has also launched the new Galaxy Buds Live (thank god they don’t call them Bean). The new truly wireless earbuds from Samsung come with a lot of kidney-bean like design, and with active noise cancellation. Samsung calls it “one-of-a-kind aesthetic”, which is certain, but I don’t know how I still feel about it.

Samsung called it off, instead having to reconfigure traditional earbud design and layout interns in a horizontal layout. Earbuds have no suggestions, which Samsung says helps them conform to the shape of your ears, and be more comfortable.

Inside, there is a 12mm driver and a bass duct that is claimed to deliver a deep and rich sound. There are also a total of three mixes with a voice pickup unit. According to the company, these ensure that your voice becomes crystal clear on phone calls.

Samsung Launches the Galaxy Buds Live with ANC

As I mentioned above, earbuds also come with active noise cancellation, and according to the company’s tests, they cut noise in the low-frequency band by up to 97%. So they should be enough to enjoy your music while you are out and sitting in or around the airplane. As far as I can tell, the earbuds do not have any transparency features like AirPods Pro or the recently launched (Sony) 1000 WFMM3 in India. However, the company says that you can still listen to announcements and conversations through earbuds, which is by design. Although I personally am not.

While earbuds are much more compatible with every Android and iOS device, there are additional features for you if you use them with a Samsung phone. With the Note 20, you can use earbuds as a microphone to record conversations. In addition, there is a game mode that reduces latency so that you can enjoy your game without any audio lag.

Samsung claims that Buds Live offers 6 hours of playback on one charge, and you can add another 15 hours with the charging case. Also, you can quickly charge earbuds for up to 5 minutes in the case and get an hour playback time.

Galaxy Buds Price

Galaxy Buds Live are available in Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, and Mystic Black colors. Priced at $ 169.99, the earbuds will be available from August 6.

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