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Careful! This is how Google is spying on you!

Google has recently launched a new technology called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), with the help of which it is keeping an eye on Chrome users.

In today’s time, we ask more questions than Google to know about anything. But do you know that the world’s largest search engine giant is spying on users secretly in many countries these days. Google is collecting information by tracking many things from the browsing pattern of the users.

According to a report by The Sun, Google has recently introduced a new technology called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). The company launched this technology after third party cookies were banned in Google Chrome. Google is spying users through this FLoC.

Google is spying on people through FLoC

Most websites used to monitor pages, browsing history and shopping habbits opened by users with the help of cookies. But cookies were later banned and then after it was banned, the company launched Google FLoC. Now with the help of this FLoC, Google monitors the browsing pattern of users using Chrome worldwide. However, the company says that with the help of this technology, it keeps an eye on things less than cookies.

Explain that Google is testing FLoC in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Japan, Mexico and USA including India. With the help of this new technology, Google collects data of users’ shopping patterns.

Careful! This is how Google is spying on you!

Know if you are not being monitored

If you are worried that if Googleis not keeping a secret eye on you, then you can get information by going to https://amifloced.org/. As soon as you go to this website, you will see the button for Check For Floc ID. After clicking on it, you can get information about whether Googleis watching you or not. If your browser is not FLoC enabled then you will get the message of “Your browser does not currently have FloC enabled”. Along with this, it will also be told that only 0.05 percent of Chrome users are affected by the FloC trial and it does not look like you are among them. Googlecan later get it changed in the set of users for its trial. You can check this again for information about FLoC being turned on in the future.

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