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TRP Full Form: All You Need to Know About TRP

We all know that there are more than 300+ TV Channels in India and if all the people in the house like to watch their favorite channel according to their way. Everyone has their choice to observe the different things on television, maybe some people want to see the cricket, and someone wants to see the Serials. In such a situation, TRP was created to find out the popularity of the TV channel. If you want to know channels popularity or any other news channel like it, then you can easily find out its popularity with the help of TRP.

TRP Full Form

TRP’s complete full form is Television Rating Point provides one such tool. It is found out which TV channel is being watched the most or which serial is being watched the most. Through TRP, it is seen which television show is so popular, how many times a day, and how long people are eyeing it. If someone wants to find out which TV channel is the most popular, then the help of TRP is taken for that and any person can easily find out.

TRP Measurement?

To check the TRP of TV Serials and Channel, People’s Meter is installed at some places. Through a specific frequency, it is known which serial or channel is being watched and how many times the advertisement is visible. Through People’s Meter, every minute of television information is delivered to the Monitoring Team (Indian Television Audience Measurement). Monitoring Team (Indian Television Audience Measurement) After analyzing the information received from the people’s meter, it decides how much the TRP’s of which channel or serial is.

If you take a simple example of People’s Meter, then.

Suppose you are a Blogger or YouTube Creator. So all of you have seen in Analytic that how many views have come on your video or post, from where it has been seen, how many times it has been seen, how many ads impression is there, how many male and how many females have seen, what is age group, geo – What is the location, view from which device? Information is available about all this. Similarly, People’s Meter also works and takes out complete details on any channel and its serials.

How is TRP calculated?

ITEM is a quantity company in India that does the work of TRP calculation. It uses two main methods to get information about TRP.

  1. Frequency Monitoring Method
  2. Picture Matching Method
  1. Frequency Monitoring Method

To calculate TRP with this method, a device is connected with the television of many viewers, which is called the People’s Meter, as we have told about it above. It records information about a TV program on a particular day and time, and the duration lasts for at least 30 days. After that, his TRP rating is calculated in the same way as all other TV channels.

  1. Picture Matching Method

In this method, instead of frequency, people’s meter continuously records a small part that contains information about the channel. Which is seen on television, and then samples of all the houses are collected. After that, they are used to calculate the rating. In this way, it is known which TV channel is the most popular.

What is the effect on channels due to low or high TRP?

What is TRP? You must have understood this, and it must have been understood. The direct connection of TRP is to the popularity of the Channel or any Serial. So it is evident that TRP, i.e., Television Rating Point, would have some effect. Yes, if the TRP of a channel is more or less, it directly affects the income of the medium. "<yoastmark Sony, Star, Discovery, and all the channels earn money only through advertising. In such a situation, if the TRP of a channel is low, then it will not get much money for advertising or will get very few advertisers and vice versa if the TRP of a channel is high. So he will get more money through the advertiser. TRP is not only dependent on the TV channels but also on any particular show/serial. For example, if we want to advertise a product/brand on TV. So if you show your ads on any high TRP serial or show, you will have to pay more money than any other low TRP serials. You must be thinking about who will tell the data of TRP. So let us tell you that the viewership data of all TV channels are extracted in BARC Institute. And this data is shown to the advertising company. And based on this TRP’s, the fee per ad is decided.

How does a TV channel earn from TRP?

We all know that TV channel earns only in two ways, Channel Subscription and Advertising (shown on TV). Out of these two, 90% of the TV channel’s income comes from advertising. You must have seen that when a TV show, serial, or movie is played, advertising appears every two, three minutes. In such a situation, the channel whose TRP rating is high and the TV show or serial in which the rating is high. The channel owner takes the most money to show the advertisement; this increases the income of the channel owner’s manifold. Whichever TV show’s TRP is at the top, its owner earns a lot. Along with this, the making of the actor, director working in that show also increases.

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