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Update OnePlus 7/7T Get OxygenOS update triggers Widevine L3 & small Dialer/Calling UI issues

OnePlus 7 and Forest 7 T series recently updated oxygen with May Security Patch.

While the latest updates for forest 7 and 7 T series provide a lot of improvements, it seems that some issues have also been triggered.

According to many reports from the OnePlus community, forest 7 and 7 T series devices are facing such issues where Widvin certification has dropped in L3.
On the other hand, some users of the tools are paying attention to the dialer app/calling UI.

So, let’s look at both issues to solve better understanding, potential workarounds, and OEM.

It seems that the user of forest 7, 7 Pro, and 7 T are facing this issue, where the within authentication level dropped in L3 after cloud update.

Update OnePlus 7/7T Get OxygenOS update triggers Widevine L3 & small Dialer/Calling UI issues

Many users are not facing that issue, while some have said that the detailed report has changed in L1 after the latest updates.

Although the real reason for this issue is ambiguous due to its random nature, a member of a forest staff has said that it will be fixed in the upcoming OTA.

Meanwhile, the affected user can try a functioning. Change the screen calibration naturally and disable Dark mode through advanced display settings.

After once, clean the cash and storage for apps like Netflix, which are affected by the said issue. After that, play Store disables and re-enable biometric mode from user control settings.

Now, reboot the recovery mode by pressing the volume down and power button, entering the device encryption password, if any, choosing a language, then wiping and rebooting the cache.

This problem seems to affect Forest 7 Pro and 7 T Pro users, while non-pro users are not facing it.

Update OnePlus 7/7T Get OxygenOS update triggers Widevine L3 & small Dialer/Calling UI issues
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According to many reports, it seems that DPI has changed after the latest updates for the Forest Dialer App. It is generating inconvenience while OEM has said nothing on this matter.

However, people affected by this issue can manually try to install the OnePlus Dialer App Version manually. In addition, changing the resolution to 1080p is resolving this issue.

While any issue has been accepted, users will still stay with the Dialer App / Calling UI problem.

It seems that the forest is paying less attention to the quality of its software. This is not good news for users because they are at the end.

Hopefully, OEM puts a severe look in these cases and soon issues proper fixes for such issues.

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