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Valorant Act 1 end date & Act 2 Battle Pass get release date

Valorant is the newest title of Riot Games and was launched just days ago. The new first-person shooter is very impressive and has received positive feedback from the gaming community. The game has agents that are somewhat similar to Overwatch heroes.

The game also has some similarities with CS: GO, because players need to maintain the economy. With its launch, the game got a new agent called Reyna. A new map for the game has also been introduced and is called Ascent.

The Valorant launch also brought an ignition battle pass to the game, including 50 tiers. Like other games, it also offers a free pass and a premium pass. The free pass has fewer rewards while the premium battle pass has tier rewards at each level.

This was also the beginning of Episode 1, with the launch of the Valiant Ignition Battle Pass. Each episode includes Acts, and for each Act, players receive a new Battle Pass. It is further broken down into 10 chapters and each chapter has five premium level prizes and one free chapter completion award.

Valorant Act 1 end date & Act 2 Battle Pass get release date

A chapter said that to be completed when all five premium tiers are unlocked with XP. After its completion, players will receive a free chapter completion award. Players can progress

Through all chapters are not open without going premium, however, they did not unlock 5 items within the premium tier.

But you must be wondering when will this Act 2 start? Well, the Valiant designer, David cow Milkbank ‘Cole, states in an official blog post that each Battle Pass will last 2 months. As it was launched on 2 June, so it is expected to end on 2 August. So we can expect ACT 1 to start after 2 August.

Well, this is only an assumption based on the launch of the Ignition Battle Pass aka ACT1. David has not given an official date, but we can expect the gods to reveal details of it when Act 1 is nearing its conclusion.


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