The Mind Explained

The Mind, Explained is a 2019 documentary streaming television series. The series is narrated by American actress Emma Stone on Season 1 and Julianne Moore on Season 2, and examines themes such as what happens inside human brains when they dream or use psychedelic drugs.


The Social Dilemma

Tech experts from Silicon Valley sound the alarm on the dangerous impact of social networking, which Big Tech use in an attempt to manipulate and influence.


Trust No One

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King is a Netflix original documentary film directed by Luke Sewell.


The Playbook A Coach's Rules For Life

Coaches share the rules they live by to achieve success in sports and in life; featured coaches include Doc Rivers, Jill Ellis, José Mourinho, Patrick Mouratoglou, and Dawn Staley.


Get Smart With Money

Financial advisers share their tips on spending less and saving more with people looking to take control of their funds and achieve their goals.


The Minimalists

The Minimalists are American authors, podcasters, filmmakers, and public speakers Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who promote a minimalist lifestyle.


Dirty Money

There's a cliche that says "the rich get richer," and while that may be true it's not always done through legal or moral methods. This docuseries takes a look at stories of scandal and corruption in business, exposing acts of corporate greed and corruption.