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What is Deep Web and Dark web

You have understood that what is the Internet, but do you know that the Internet also has a different layer? Layer means that the Internet has been divided into layers due to Access to other ways.

If you would like to access anything, then it can be three ways. The first thing that is publicly available, anyone can easily access the search. Second, to your Access, It will not necessarily be a password, and that information will not be in such a public place. Because it may be the Information is Private Information, only a few people will be authorized to access them. And the third is the Access is absolutely like a secret, which no trace could do so much. What if there will be a bit of mystery? Then it will be so secret.

So, friends, the same thing happens in the world of the Internet and has three-layer. In which there is a Surface Web second Deep Web and Dark Web. And we are going to learn today What is Deep Web and Dark Web.

What is Deep Web

So today, we will understand in this post What is Deep Web? And who can access it?

Deep Web is a part of the internet that is far from the search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, friends when you find such a look at Simply Google; it is called Surface Web.

But there is a lot of such suits such as the Government data or a company’s data is all that private thing, suppose a man will type your bank account number in Google and then all the details connected to you will be available for that search, Therefore, friends, such information is kept in Deep Web. Therefore Deep Web also says Hidden Web as it remains infrastructure hidden. So here in this information about the deep web and dark web, you have understood about the deep web.

All the banking details or any company’s database remains informed by reaching the search engine, which remains secure. The Government portal used Deep Web. Banking Sector or Finance Sector or any company which gives digital base service uses the deep web.

If rightly said in Simple Word, Deep Web is the part of the internet that can not search with the help of Google, Yahoo, or Bing like Search Engine.

What is Deep Web and Dark web

What is Dark Web

In the section on what is deep web and dark webs, we will learn about the next part.

Dark Web or Dark Net is a part of the Internet that is not done in Index etc. In any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, a part of the Dark Web Internet. That is in Deep Webs, in which All illegal work is done. According to the researchers, only 4% of the Internet is visible in the search engine called Surface Web.

This means that the remaining 96% part is called the Internet Dark Web or Dark Net. For your information, Dark Web is such a website that it is not visible to the joint publication. Because the details of their IP-Address are deliberately hiding. We are in the middle of What is deep webs and dark webs, and I hope you are enjoying it well.

Some particular browsers can access such websites as Tor Browser etc. Dark Web is very popular for Black Market and Illegal User Protection. So it can assume it positive and negative marketing.

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