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Whatsapp next Update coming with interesting Features

WhatsApp is working on some new features behind the scenes. Some of the whatsapp upcoming features are the ability to search by date and share chat integration by others, as reported by the trusted WhatsApp-related tipster WABetaInfo.

Search by date

As the name suggests, this feature will let you filter and search messages by a particular date – a feature that has been present in popular WhatsApp options like Telegram for quite some time. Once the feature goes live, WhatsApp will show a new calendar icon in the in-chat search page. Tapping on the calendar icon will open a date picker that you can use to filter messages.

Image: WABetaInfo

Although WABetaInfo has seen the feature on iOS, we can expect the company to make it available on Android as well. That said, note that the feature is not yet on both platforms.

Sharechat unity

WhatsApp will soon support native playback of videos from the home ground social media platform ShareChat. With this update, you will be able to play share chat videos inside WhatsApp without leaving the app. The messaging app already these features

Image: WABetaInfo

Among the images shared by WABetaInfo, it is clear that the company will also add PiP support. The feature will be available on both Android and iOS whenever WhatsApp rolls out.

Storage use redesign

WhatsApp is also trying to declare the storage usage section. It will be divided into two classes – large files and forward files. Yes, now you can delete all those annoying forward images and videos in simple steps.


Image: WABetaInfo

Once you join these new sections, you get the option to sort by latest, oldest, and size.

Except explicitly starred

WhatsApp will also explicitly allow you to delete all messages except those starred in chat. This can be useful for clearing conversation history while keeping backups of all required messages.

Image: WABetaInfo

In addition, the company will add the option to clear all media except starred messages in the redesigned storage usage section.

Search the web for an iOS image

While WhatsApp beta users have the option to search the web and verify forwarded messages, the company also plans to prepare it for images. You can possibly find out if the stock image has been changed or is it an older image that is only wreaking havoc in the hard times.

Image: WABetaInfo

If you are unaware, the search message on the web does a quick Google search so that you can get a brief reference to assess the validity of the forwarded message.

New chat bubble color in dark mode

Although WhatsApp eventually brought Dark Mode, the overall color selection is not something that would support Dark Mode buffs. Okay, it appears that the company is experimenting with a new lighter shade of green (pictured below) in an effort to set things right.

Image: WABetaInfo

While I am not too impressed with the color of the new bubble, it is better than the dark green WhatsApp it currently uses for its chat bubble. So, these are all new features that are going to come on WhatsApp in the next few months.


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