Why are all the tyres black coloured? What happens if it’s of different colours?

There are several categories of carbon added to rubber. Whether the rubber will be soft or hard, it depends on the grade of carbon added to it

Colors have their own world. The sky is blue, the sun is red and yellow and bright… our body color is blond, wheatish, dark gray and so on. These are natural colors. But we make the colors of artificial things according to our convenience and need. You must have seen the vehicles on the road in many colors, but one thing that is common in all is the color of their tyres.

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Have you ever wondered why the color of tyres from bikes and cars to big vehicles is black? Why are their tires not red, yellow, green or any other color like a child’s bicycle? You will look beautiful if you are not there! But their strength is more important than tires being beautiful.

Why are all the tyres black coloured? What happens if it's of different colours?

Why are tyres black?

The history of tires is very old. When rubber was discovered and then when tires were made from it, they were quickly worn out. After this a little more research was done and it was found that it can be strengthened by adding carbon and sulfur to the rubber. As you know, the natural color of rubber is not black, but when carbon and sulfur are added to it, its color becomes black.

Why are carbon added?

According to a BBC report, raw rubber is light yellow, but carbon is added to it to make tyres, so that the rubber does not wear out quickly. Carbon is added to it for strength. The color of carbon is black. Hence tires are also black.

According to the report, the plain rubber tire which can run about 8 thousand kilometers, the same carbonated rubber tire can run up to 1 lakh kilometers. Sulfur is also added to it along with carbon. It is clear that carbon is added to rubber to make tires for their strength.

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There are several categories of carbon added to rubber. Rubber will be soft or hard, it depends on the grade of carbon added to it. Soft rubber tires have a strong grip but they quickly wear out. At the same time, rubber tires containing carbon and sulfur do not wear easily.

If the tire is made in a different color?

You may have seen colored tires in the bicycles of young children. Since the beautiful appearance of the bicycle of the children is more important than the strengthening of their tires, so the colored tires also run in them. There is not much burden on the cycle of children. Children’s bicycles are for short distances and it takes many days for their tires to be slashed and finished. Colored tires fitted in children’s bicycles are also solid. Many tires do not need air to fill, so they run properly.

In such a situation, you must have understood that what will happen if the tires of the elders’ bikes, bikes, cars or big vehicles are made in other colors? Obviously, to make colored tires, rubber has to be mixed with color and the amount of carbon and sulfur will have to be reduced… very less. Tires made in this way will not be strong. However, there are frequent experiments in the technological age and it may be possible to find an alternative to carbon added to rubber to make strong tires, and in the future, colorful and beautiful tires will be seen in cars, trucks, etc.

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