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Xbox Series X console might be revealed in August

Last week, rumors of Microsoft’s cheap Xbox Series X console, codenamed Project Lockhart, erupted after its name appeared in a Microsoft technical document – now, two separate sources say, that Microsoft will make full disclosure of the console in August There is a possibility.

The report comes from Eurogamer, echoing the findings of an earlier VentureBeat report about low-cost disc-less consoles that were scheduled to come out in June before being pushed back to a different event in August.

If this is true, then we will see a lower cost option for Xbox Series X instead of later.

How this will be seen in Microsoft’s announcement plans, but both Eurogamer and VentureBeat are sure we’ll have to wait until August to see the new – and supposedly much cheaper – hardware.

Xbox Series X console might be revealed in August

Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X: What’s the deal?

Rumors of Project Lockhart – which is allegedly the official name of the Xbox Series S – have been flying for years, but have just recently begun to withdraw as we get closer to the final stretch of the console’s marketing campaign.
Most people’s theory about Project Lockhart is that it will be a disk-less Xbox Series X with a slightly less powerful shift than the 12-TGBOPs GPU, pushing only 4 TFLOP processing power with a maximum of 7.5GB of RAM. can give. And 13.5GB usable RAM on Xbox Series X.

Those numbers come from the ProjectLockhart mode specs given in last week’s Microsoft Game Development Kit code and could mean that the console would push 1080p graphics instead of full 4K, like the Xbox 4K series.
Despite its final specs, Microsoft has already stated that Xbox families of consoles will be able to play the same game, so don’t worry too much about being out of the next Halo or Gears of War game.

It all depends on Microsoft fully unveiling the console in the near future and the differences have to be carefully noted for information-hungry fans before the console launches at the end of this year or so, as marketing fox-paces here It may be a major setback for Microsoft to rebound in the race. Spot as a top console manufacturer.

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