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Google Chat May be Coming Soon to Gmail on Android

The Gmail app could soon become a one-stop-shop for all its services for video calling including Google Meet and Chat. In the latest report on the development of Google’s products by 9to5Google, it noted that Google Chat could soon be integrated into the Gmail mobile app for Android.

Although Google Meat integration is yet to go to Gmail on Android, version 2.0.06 of the app now performs onboarding strings for ‘chat’ and ‘room’, suggesting that it is premature both Google Meat and Google Chat Will be part of Gmail. Experience on Android. The basic ‘chat’ functionality would be for one-on-one conversations, while the rooms would be for group collaboration.

Google Chat May be Coming Soon to Gmail on Android
Image courtesy: 9to5Google

Wiring also suggests that the functionality is available to both enterprise and retail users. This is not surprising, given that earlier this year, Hangouts replaced by chat was available to all Gmail users. While Google’s company hangout has been completely eliminated for Gmail consumers, Google plans to do something new in the coming days.

Given that it rolled out on Web Week, one would expect Google to soon roll it out to all users on Android and iOS, so that the service could achieve feature parity across all platforms.

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